White HTC Desire, Silver Wildfire, and Still No White iPhone 4

Most smartphone manufacturers push out special editions of devices now and again, and of late the preference seems to be for a white version of a handset, and now we have another white version being made available, this time the white HTC Desire along with a silver HTC Wildfire.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Richard Lai, and by way of the guys over at Android Community, the word is both the white HTC Desire an silver HTC Wildfire are destined for the UK’s Carphone Warehouse’ exclusive club.

Word has it that both these special editions will command the regular price as the normal version, so should make good sellers, but the availability of them has yet to be announced.

So we’ll have yet another white smartphone out to play with the public while Apple still drags their heel over pushing out the white iPhone 4 to the public, which to be quite honest is becoming quite laughable; come on Apple it’s about time that white version made an appearance.

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