iPhone May Yet Gain Google Voice

Back in 09 Apple decided to kick out a couple of Google Voice apps from the App Store, namely the official Google Voice app and GV Mobile; however now that Apple has made some changes to the rules we may yet see Google Voice make it into the App Store and onto the iPhone.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, there may be a chance of GV Mobile getting into the Apple App Store as according to an article over on Techcrunch, the developer of GV Mobile, Sean Kovacs, has read through all the new rules and believes his app doesn’t violate any of them.

Kovacs has apparently contacted Apple’s approval board by email with a view to having GV Mobile reinstated to the App Store and apparently the “response is encouraging.”

Word has it that an Apple rep replied that “given the new guidelines released today he was welcome to resubmit GV Mobile for review.” So this could well mean we just may see GV Voice receive approval and land on the iPhone at some point in the future.

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