Nokia N8 TV Commercial: What Would You Do With It?

There’s a new Nokia N8 TV commercial out and about which asks the question what would you do with it, the reason being apparently people everywhere do amazing things with their Nokia devices, such as a hamster powered Nokia N8 charger.

Naturally we have that Nokia N8 TV commercial for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile by way of WomWorld, which lasts bang on a minute.

The short video shows off what some people are doing with their Nokia devices out there in the big wide would, from that hamster charger mentioned earlier to Nokia based robots, to a device that can help diagnose fatal diseases in remote areas of the world.

So to check out what others are doing with their Nokia device, and get a few glimpses of the new Nokia N8, head on down below and mash the play button…enjoy.


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