Samsung Galaxy S (M110S) Goes Pink in South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone looks sexy in black but it appears that for their own domestic market Sammy thinks the Galaxy S range is in need of more colours, to play along with the white version in South Korea.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Dusan Belic and by way of the Samsung Hub, Samsung is to launch a pink version of the Samsung Galaxy S in South Korea only, which is presumably targeted towards the female audience.

As far as we are aware nothing else changes when it comes to specs and only the colour have been changed. It seems the only way anyone outside Korea is going to get hold of a different coloured Samsung Galaxy S is to go the Colorware route.

Having said that, the Samsung Galaxy S is quite a popular smartphone and I’m somewhat surprised that Samsung hasn’t offered the device in varying colours and I’m sure it would raise sales even further if people had the choice.


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