iPhone 4 Zucato’s Z-Grip Cinema Kit Video Demo

It’s reasonable to believe that if you want to make descent movies using your iPhone 4 you’re going to want something to hold the smartphone nice and steady, and this is where the Zucato’s Z-Grip Cinema Kit for the iPhone 4 comes into play.

And we have a video demonstration of the Z-Grip iPhone Cinema Kit from Zucato for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Brian Barrett of Gizmodo, which lasts two and a half minutes and takes a look at the movie making holder.

However if your are a budding cinematographer, be warned that the Zacuto Z-Grip iPhone Pro Stanbilizer will set you back $300 while its articulating are will cost another $199 and the Z-Finder Pro will cost you $395, which equates to a rather hefty $894.

So before you go pulling out your cheque books and throwing out that $894 hit up the video demonstration be and check out the device, and make up your won mind if it is worth that bundle of bucks…enjoy.

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