Change BlackBerry Devices into Droid X with XDroid: Video

Well it was only a matter of time before all those BlackBerry owners out there gained the chance to sedate their jealousy of the Droid X, because now they can make their BlackBerry change into a Droid X, well almost.

We have a video demo for your viewing pleasure today of XDroid theme for BlackBerry which comes our way courtesy of Kevin Michaluk over at Crackberry, and lasts just over the minute mark and we get to see a BlackBerry device sporting the famous Droid red eye.

According to the developer…” This theme is inspired by Motorola’s Android device named “Droid X”… This was made to reflect everything from the icons to your unread messages to the function of the on screen widgets. Using the power of SVG code we provided a way to show the calendar and messages widget with a tap of the screen and still let the user hide it with one simple touch allowing them to see their wallpapers. Along with the widgets are the custom user defined Icon spaces with the text under them to give that Android feel. We also have the Droid X style bottom launch dock which allows the user get to the dial pad / contacts / and app screen with a quick tap.”

So all that remains is for you to head on down, sit back, mash that play button and watch a BlackBerry smartphone doing the biz like a Droid X smartphone…enjoy.

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