Droid X and Android 2.2 Do You Have It?

The rollout of Android 2.2 Froyo seems to be something of a quandary when it comes to the Motorola Droid X smartphone as apparently rumour had it that Android 2.2 was being pushed out to the Droid X as of the 27th of August, so Droid X owners should have it by now right?

Well that may not be the case as according to an article over on Intomobile by Blake Stimac, the guys over at Droid-life received a couple of rumours hitting their inbox over the weekend that apparently give two conflicting dates for the Android 2.2 release to the Droid X.

The first rumour is what I mentioned above that the Android update was rolling out as of the 27th of August, which was the date Verizon gave for the update for the Droid Incredible with no mention of the Droid X. The other rumour has it that the 3 different tipsters say that the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the Motorola Droid X has been delayed due to Exchange problems and won’t happen until possibly 3 weeks time.

So basically Android 2.2 Froyo could well be rolling out to the Droid X right now or it could have possibly been pushed back. So we’d like to ask our readers who have a Droid X if they have received Android 2.2 yet. Please let us know by posting in our comments area below, many thanks.


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  1. AngryDroid says:

    I am pretty upset with the lack of brains working on this latest firmware. I am sorry, but if the cracking community can do a better job with releases and in quicker time, why do these clowns at Moto even have jobs? apt-get install brain..

    There are way too many issues with the Droid X, and I am sick of the lack of care that Verizon or Moto has. I addressed the blue pixel issue to customer service, only to get sent a new phone. Well, from what I hear, that it is the phones themselves, and that the software needs to be fixed. Where is this fix? I bought this phone under the impression that I would be getting flash come this summer, and well summer is over. I do think that they have until September 20th or so to deliver, and if not there will be some hefty lawsuits. You cannot advertise something that does not happen. I have waited long enough for what I paid for, now it is time to deliver.

  2. Ben says:

    Nope, don't have it yet. My Droid X is starting to feel not so "top of the line" as it is getting left in the dust as far as Android updates are concerned. I mean come on, the original Droid already has a better version than the newer Droid X? Boo.

  3. sreeni says:

    I’ve had my droid x for about a month now. I still don’t have the 2.2 ugrade.

    This is my second equipment. Both my droid x’s had & this one even now has the problem with rebooting. When I power-off and on the phone, it gets stuck with a big error screen and after a long time comes up with an error message that update.zip in /cache directory in sdcard is not found and installation is aborted.

    I am eagerly waiting for 2.2 ….

    – sreeni

  4. Sarah says:

    In a word, NO. Droid X users have been patiently waiting to no avail. I've given up speculating when the update will happen. I will say that I'm thoroughly unimpressed with the way VZW and Motorola are handling this though.

  5. james says:

    Hey guys,

    I’ve had my droid x for roughly two weeks and still no froyo. It bums me out, because i know this phone could be doing so much better if it was running the software that was designed for this speedy snapdragon. Well im keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my device surprises me with a system update within the next couple of weeks.



  6. Paul says:

    Its September 8th and no the official OTA update is still not out yet. I guess they are still within their vague release date of 'late summer" because some argue that summer is technically until 9/22/10.

  7. michael says:

    I have the new droidx and I bought this phone in with my eyes set on the 2.2 update primarily for the flash!!! Have yet to receive any such thing by now my mind is leaning towards false advertising!!! What the heck bring it on we are all ready to get what’s way overdue!!!

  8. !Waiting for Froyo! says:

    I have a Droid X and love it, but still do not have Froyo (Android 2.2). Have been patiently waiting, but running out of patience. Come on Verizon and Motorola! Can't you at least give us an official ETA?!

  9. Bob says:

    While I love the Droidx – I'm getting fed-up with this 2.2 rollout mess. So many unfulfilled promises from Motorola – then the threats to users who got tired of waiting and installed 2.2 from other sources. Come on Motorola – you made this problem, get the promised code out on time and there will be no problem with leaked code. Why are new DROIDX phones shipping with 2.2 while earlier phones sit with 2.1?

  10. IT guy says:

    I have received an email from Verizon stating that the push has begun. I actually received the Droidx email before the incredible email. However, I am not aware of anyone in or company actually receiving the update. I received the email approximately three weeks ago.

  11. Neo-Reaganite says:

    DroidX owner – nope, no Froyo yet.
    One of my friends with an Incredible JUST got Froyo on 9/3.

    Inaccurate release dates is a little aggravating.

  12. GeoJeep says:

    I have not received the upgrade and it is starting to piss me off. Why cant they release it and work on a OTA fix for Exchange. How many people out there are actually going to use Exchange.

  13. Chris Busch says:

    Nope, no 2.2. Yet. I check 3 or 4 times a day hoping for a pleasant surprize but alas, am dissapointed. I have rooted, unrooted my phone. I have had android market download issues which I fixed on my own after hearing nothing from google in way of support.

    Im waiting for the official update even though I have the leaked .zip because I dont want to risk messing up my phone. I just hope its sooner rather than later when froyo 2.2 update is out. I left RIMM/Blackberry for the same reason of long waits on updates, I hope google doesnt disapoint me too.

    Well, cheers.

  14. Kevin says:

    I've checked for new updates and it says that it is up to date. I do not have 2.2 but interested in seeing if it has an option to delete contact history.

  15. TRRodent says:

    Still waiting. Rest of family has D1’s with 2.2 and I’m stuck with newer phone and older 2.1. I try and pull updates two or three times a day with no success. Reminds me of dating and trying to get to that next level, you can try and try but it is up to the other party to make it happen. I understand they want to get it right, but still frustrating. Good things are worth waiting for? We are still waiting Moto!

  16. Jay says:

    I havent recieved anything about the 2.2 update. I have even contacted motorola they have no idea they say the end of summer when they will release it, my thing is that summer is over. Im getting a little upset on how long it is taking them to even give a accurate release date but i am being patient.

  17. Ehoff99 says:

    I have the Droid X and it's not yet available through verizon's push process. Only the manual install is available, which based on other stories I've read, Motorolla has strongly said to stay away from.

  18. joel says:

    As of the morning of september 8th, i have not yet received the 2.2 update. Each day i grow increasingly frustrated. Wish that verizon would at least let us know what is going on. D X

  19. David says:

    Still no 2.2 (froyo), have the droid x, been waiting patiently..my girlfriend has the original droid and was updated last week. How is it that motorola was ready to release it on the droid, but not the x?

  20. rachel says:

    Really disappointed with Motorola. Have not received the update and am unable to use the phone for its main purpose, work email! Waste of money get different phone

  21. Michael Timko says:

    Not yet and I am making my presence known just about every day to Verizon Wireless and Motorola.

    I think its absolutely shameful that we don’t have the update yet. If MS Exchange is the problem holding things up I say cut its code from Droid X’s 2.2 update and supply it to us as a later update for when its ready.

    That way we get the important updates such as the new Java Compiler and Flash 10.1 support now.

  22. Nomak02 says:

    Waiting on the update but have gotten nothing yet. Really makes me mad that they would sell the x with this update in mind but not release it until months later.

  23. Howard says:

    Still no froyo. This is getting really frustrating because there has been no information and noone is giving any answers. it’s in motorola’s, verizon’s, and google’s best interest to try to keep their customers happy in order to keep them. Especially since so many other viable options out there. If there is no solution, try to keep us in the loop rather than take or money and offer us little customer support in the process. It’s amazing the amount of mystery behind this process seeing that all the other phones have had their upgrades for about a month now. Hopefully we hear something soon.

  24. Craig says:

    Hi There

    I just traded my Droid (which I had upgraded to 2.2) for a droidx. I was told the X would arrive on the 11th. It came early (on the 7th) but says Firmware is 2.1.


  25. Trevor says:

    Still awaiting the update…hasn't been pushed to me, and manual check for updates only displays the message "Your device is up to date! No update necessary at this time"…I beg to differ!! Release the official Froyo already!

  26. dan says:

    No it is not available for the droid x…my buddy has the original droid and the adobe 10.1 flash player is now available through the market feature…its pretty frustrating seeing all of these android phones receiving updates for the flash player and hearing nothing but delays for the droid x

  27. Mike in NH says:

    9/10 and No update yet… lots of friends using the leaked version and me being the honest one of the bunch is having mud thrown into my face as a result. Whatever the reason Motorola should release a statement with an official date. It's not TOP SECRET information it's called efficient customer service.

  28. jeremy says:

    i agree with GeoJeep come on now the droid x is the only phone having this exchange security problem we need to hear from someone with the leaked rom to confirm this i beleive the hold up is because the leak was made before the promised ota so motorola is now punishing all of us which sucks

  29. Di says:

    Sept 13, not yet, I feel so duped! I am a VERY recent iphone convert and I am let down daily ¡ No 2.2 update, no mobiTv, no flash, poor music downloads, apps that work SOMETIMES, (iphone apps just plain worked) iphone also could send you to web sites in any situation, email or other, cut and paste anything, etc. I really want to be happy with my X!!! But I’m not ruling out going back, despite not liking APPLE Corp or whatever, they are greedy and selfish in my opinion. GET ON THE BALL VERIZON, MOTOROLA, MOBITV, ETC, WHAT’S THE HOLD-UP?

  30. bill w says:

    we had the droid phones. 2.2 update on them froze the phones and then it froze the replacements. we now have droidx and were promosed the 2.2 update. i truly believe that verizon and motorola are in jeopardy of losing many customers due to false advertising and for this fact the contract should be null and void. a class action suit is in the making.

  31. Brad says:

    I went last week to Verizon to get the Droid x with 2.2. They said they had none and would call me when they came in. Two days later, your Driod x is in. I asked, does it have 2.2, "yes", please check. Oh its not on it but it will load as soon as you set up your account! Went to the store, saw another person, he said, no not on it, it will come later. I told them to keep the phone and I did not appriciate the bate and switch or lie if you want the truth!!! So, until it come pre-loaded, I will not get it!!! And I will not go to that store!!!

  32. Subsonic says:

    I check daily (and just now did). Apparently I'm still 'up to date' – NOT! I really could care less about Flash, and don't currently have an Exchange server. What I want is FOR VPN TO WORK!! I bought the Dx so that I could VPN into work to manage servers, PC's, etc, just like the previous generation of Droid can (both before an after Froyo). That's some progress, Moto. Even an iPhone can do that! Why can't your newest hardware pull it off? GET IT FIXED!!

  33. I have a droidx, my first smart phone, I love it, i check every day for the 2.2 update, but no luck, mostly every android phone has the update, why not give your flag ship, a better weapon? Come on verizon, motorola, step up forfill your promise before they sink our ship.

  34. bill w says:

    hmmm. false advertising.illegal phone for not having voice activated bluetooth.total and complete disregard for the buyers of the droidx. droid2 arrives later and has 2.2 update on it. this should be updated at local verizon store. nope this is poor of verizon and motorola. this will surely add up to a class action suit and i will join it in a heartbeat.

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