No iPhone 4 for T-Mobile This Year, 3GS Only?

Popular belief is that T-Mobile would gain the iPhone 4 this year, but apparently that make not be the case and that rather than the iPhone 4 going with T-Mobile, they will only get the iPhone 3GS, which seems kind of strange to me.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, Wired Magazine’s Chris Anderson used his Twitter account to tweet…” A T-Mobile manager casually mentioned to me that they’re going to get the iPhone 3GS (but not 4, oddly) later this year. Common knowledge?”

Thus it would appear that T-Mobile will be able to offer their customers the iPhone 3GS this year but not the iPhone 4. One presumes that this applies to T-Mobile USA as I was in a T-Mobile UK store yesterday picking up my new Samsung Galaxy S and saw large signs in store promoting the iPhone 4 on T-Mobile.

So if true it looks like our American T-Mobile buddies are right out of luck when it comes to the iPhone 4, much like AT&T customers are out of luck with the white iPhone 4 and Big Red customers when it comes to the Verizon iPhone.


2 thoughts on “No iPhone 4 for T-Mobile This Year, 3GS Only?”

  1. offdayJB says:

    yeah, what's the point in releasing a phone that is now worse than almost all mid-high end phones put out this year? just because it has exclusive Apple only content it's supposed to make us go wild for their 2009 technology, that wasn't even a breakthrough in hardware? PLEASE.

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