iPhone 4 FaceTime coming to Next iPad?

One of the biggest things with the iPhone 4 if the FaceTime video calling, something that sets it apart from other Apple gear such as the iPad; however there could well be a chance that Apple’s iPad may just be getting some video calling goodness in the future.

According to an article over on Technobuffalo, an article over on 9 to 5 Mac shows an image of what is reportedly an iPad running “a debugging version” of the FaceTime software, so does this mean Apple is looking to delivering video calling to the next iPad?

If you remember when Apple introduced FaceTime, Apple chief Steve Jobs did state it was “the first iOS device with FaceTime,” meaning the iPhone 4 of course, but by saying the “first iOS device” he didn’t rule out that other iOS devices such as the iPad wouldn’t see FaceTime.

Naturally all this is purely speculation based on an image that could well have been photoshopped and there is no sign of any camera in the picture. So what do you think will Apple place FaceTime video calling in the next generation iPad and if so will it take anything away from the next iPhone?

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