FaceBreak JailBreak App: Use FaceTime Over 3G, Your Review

Many Apple iPhone users have mentioned that using FaceTime on the smartphone using WiFi only is a pain in the backside why is it not possible using 3G as well as an alternative.

Well now you can thanks to a new app called FaceBreak, this new jailbreak application will now allow you to use FaceTime on 3G, according to the iPhone Download Blog it is similar to My3G and 3G Unrestrictor, but this one only works with FaceTime.

This new app is available via the Cydia Store for only $1.49, we are not sure if this app works without problems so if you have already used FaceBreak please do come forward and let us know what you know.

Sounds pretty impressive, but as usual we do not know too much about this application. Please do comment below.


4 thoughts on “FaceBreak JailBreak App: Use FaceTime Over 3G, Your Review”

  1. Robert says:

    Way to go big boss. Making AT&T more money. This is gonna blow up the data usage and on 2gig limits this will make everyone spend more on data usage

  2. John says:

    Guys, i have mine tricked and for freeeeee! VolPover3G ………. download that, then after you have it installed, download on your PC Iphoneexplorer and go in to remove a script from there that will totally unrestrict it. You can check with YOUTUBE for all the details on this.

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