iPhone 5 May Possibly Sport NFC Technology

When Apple gives someone a job it usually goes unnoticed unless the person Apple has employed is an expired in some field or another, and it appears that Apple recently employed such an expert in Near Field Technology, of course sparking rumour that the iPhone 5 will pack such tech.

Accoridng to an article by Andrew over on Fonehome, Apple has employed Benjamin Vigier, as their product manager for mobile commerce. Since 2004, Vigier has worked with NTC tech sparkling the question why would Apple give an NFC expert such an important position in their iPhone mobile division.

If NFC were enabled in an iPhone 5 it could be used as ID conformation and licked to such payment methods as debit cards and the user’s iTunes account. Apparently the biggest rumour surrounding NFC and the iPhone is that Apple is looking to construct their own “ticket empire,” so users could purchase tickets from iTunes and simply scan your iPhone on entry to get in.

Of course this is all speculation as Apple hasn’t confirmed that the next generation iPhone will include NFC technology, and perhaps they have employed Vigiers for some other role within the Apple Empire, but no doubt given time all will surface.

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