New ARM Chip Codenamed Eagle to Power Super Smartphones

With the advancement of the new so call “super smartphones” there will be a need for a new chip, and ARM believes they have that chip that will power the legions of “super smartphones” in the future.

According to an article over on the Economic Times, the UK microchip maker behind the success of Apple’s gear, ARM Holdings have stated their new chip codenamed Eagle will enable the likes of Apple and other smartphone makers to create super smartphones with 5x the “brain power” of today’s models.

The managing director of ARM, Ian Drew has said the new Eagle chip should help develop smartphones featuring “five times better content and five times better performance,” by the year 2013, and “It will be like carrying a computer around in your pocket, but it will only be the size of a phone and will have the battery life to last all day.”

Apparently Drew has also said that the new ARM Cortex A15 chip will enable mobile phone app designers to “let their imagination soar to create a new generation of games and tools.”

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