T-Mobile myTouch HD Gets Partially Detailed

Currently all Android attention is centred on the T-Mobile G2 smartphone but there’s another waiting in the wings to pounce and that smartphone is the T-mobile myTouch HD, which has apparently had some details leaked to the new waves.

According to an article over on Tmonews by David, one of their ninjas has happened upon a T-Mobile document which shows of a few of the T-Mobile myTouch HD details, although it’s not as good as the spec sheet, pricing and release date, but does give us something.

So what does the document reveal? Well if said document is the real deal we can expect a front facing camera, screen sharing for HDTV, Genius button, a 1 GHz dual processor, and play nice on T-Mobile HSPA+ which T-Mobile is claiming is America’s largest 4G network.

Have to say though T-Mobile is probably pushing it a tad with the claim that they have America’s largest 4G network, something Sprint may have something to say about.


One thought on “T-Mobile myTouch HD Gets Partially Detailed”

  1. ural says:

    The vibrant has download speeds of 5mbps plus on hspa+, the Evo doesn’t reach these speeds , nor the Epic. Either way Sprints wimax isn’t 4g either its 3.9.

    Tmobile is correct in stating its got the fastest network specially if its full hspa + ruining at 14 mbps. The vibrant can only do 7.2 mbps.

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