Nokia N8, Can it Boost Nokia Rep?

The Nokia N8 is the latest flagship smartphone out of the Nokia stable and sports the Symbian^3 operating system, but with Nokia’s reputation taking a downwards slide, can the new Nokia N8 give the company a much needed shove in the upwards direction?

Well according to an article over on Gizmodo by Christina Bonnington, the answer to that question is probably not. This assumption is based on a review of the Nokia N8 done by Slash Gear, which says the Nokia N8 would have been a top of the line device some 2 years ago, however today the software is holding back Nokia.

The Nokia N8 carries Symbian^3 of course sop basically they are saying the Symbian operating system has just about had its day and it is time that Nokia shelved the OS and turned to some other such as Android for future smartphones.

One of the main reasons for the damning review is they think the Nokia N8 will only just cause a ripple when it lands in the big old US of A due to the Ovi store being very poor on app quantity. So what do you think can the Nokia N8 boost Nokia’s rep or is it about time they dumped Symbian?


5 thoughts on “Nokia N8, Can it Boost Nokia Rep?”

  1. yogi bear says:

    Well I order the nokia n8, it will arrive next month. I have been using blackberry (tmobile) for the last 3 years, but frankly I am tired of blackberry and tmobile. First tmobile has no great phones, especially blackberrys, all the good and lastest blackberry seems to be going towards att, sprint or verizon. Why can’t tmobile get a great blackberry for a change. So tmobile got the new blackberry bold. Great, I got it. Bold 9700, I was so excited until I open the box! It is basically the same as the blackberry 8700 that I had for almost 2 years, it is the same size. The bold from verzion (I think verizon) is much bigger. So it was time for me to upgrade without any of tmobile phones, so I had to choose an unlock cell, so into the picture comes nokia n8. It better be good because it is unlock. Bad reviews for sony xperia. I don’t want iphone, everyone has one (I can not be unique if everyone has one), I had htc hd2 from tmobile, that last 24 hours before I shipped it back, and I don’t want to switch over to verizon or att just for a phone, plus they are too expensive. So as a consumer, I need to open my options and choose a cell phone that is unlock and not one specifically made for a particular carrier. (I would have love the try bb tourch, but of course tmobile don’t have it). Well anyways, the n8 will come next month, it does have a 12 megapixel camera, so I guess I don’t need to buy a digital camera because I was on the market for one, plus n8 has up to 64 gb of memory, so I don’t need to buy a sony walkman, I was in the market for one of those as well, so I guess the n8 is worth the money. Let’s just hope it can do the bare minimum, which is text, make occasional calls and search google wireless. (I rather read my emails, browse internet and stuff like that with my laptop). As nokiia n8 said, it is not what technology you have but what you do with it.

  2. Warren says:

    This is about the dumbest article I've read!! Why should Nokia start sporting Android? That's like saying Microsoft should shelve windows because of Vista's failings and start using Ubuntu. Please try and be more objective in your articles. Because the new symbian OS looks the same as the previous failed version doesn't mean it's the same OS underneath

  3. true-eyes says:

    kudos to WARREN, nokia is nokia! nokia has a right to sport their own OS as other providers sport android and the talk of the techies 'iPhone'. However, to me, nokia is the name of the TOP DOG. a lot of good things have been said about the N8 but hearing the disappointment of the symb^3 all the time is a cause for concern that is not warranted. As a reviewer, inform the reader why it is really letting nokia down. Does it fail to work? Is it that slow that i have to pray to get it to move? provide us readers the statistics why symb^3 is the underdog? i dont believe all the reviewers who are letting the n8 down because of symb^3 because their reviews are BIASED! I admire iphone4 and the blaring truth of Galaxy S, however, nokia do not deserve a push down by reviewers over their perfect and efficient operating systems suited to their devices. As from today, all reviewers must only mention the operating system on a phone and never make a judgment over the phone as a result of it. The King as spoken!

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