Samsung Galaxy S to Gain Android 2.2 Later This Month

I recently got my Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and to be honest I think it is a neat, cool and great piece of mobile kit, however unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S comes supplied with Android 2.1 rather than Android 2.2 Froyo, but maybe it will gain an update real soon.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire and by way of Android Spin, apparently the Samsung Galaxy S is due to gain the Android 2.2 Froyo update later this month probably around or on the 23rd of September.

However there’s no word on which markets will see the Android 2.2 Froyo update, but word has it that Europe Samsung Galaxy S devices should see the update about that time, which means mine here in the UK hopefully, sweet.

The source that is apparently “familiar with the company’s plans” apparently said…“definitely receiving new software for repairing froyo builds on the 22nd of September, with the build expected to be released on the 23rd.”

So I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for Android 2.2 to hit my Samsung Galaxy S roundabout the 23rd and if it does I’ll let you know.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S to Gain Android 2.2 Later This Month”

  1. I hope it does indeed come out early next week. I'm completely content with my new US Sprint Samsung Epic 4G with 2.1 Eclair, but 2.2 Froyo will make things even cooler. I know there are leaked builds of the new firmware out there, but I'll just wait for the official release if it's supposedly just around the corner.

  2. geemak says:

    there are 2.2 froyo leaks for the samsung galaxy s available from http://www.samfirmware.webs.com. check them out. i updated mine last month and found them a bit buggy but a great improvement from 2.1 eclair… plus i get to install adobe flash player 10.1 which means i can play flash games on the browser and watch streaming video from my mobile, network permitting, of course.

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