WebOS 2.0 Captured in Video Preview

Well now take a look here it seems Palm WebOS isn’t dead and buried by has been resurrected from the smartphone operating system graveyard in the form of Palm webOS 2.0 and its been captured on some preview video footage.

Naturally we have that webOS 2.0 preview video for your viewing pleasure below which comes our way courtesy of Darren Murph over at Engadget and delivers just over two minutes of webOS 2.0 showing off.

Darren does warn though for you to turn off your speakers before hitting the play button, which no doubt will make you keep them on to find out why. There have been several screen shots of webOS 2.0 hitting the net waves but this emulation does deliver a better view of how it will be when it finally gets released.

Apparently the rumours of MobileMe and DropBox integration are only rumours as it looks like its simply Quickoffice. So head on down and check out the webOS 2.0 preview…enjoy.

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