WebOS 2.0 On Its Way Says Former Palm CEO

Now that Palm has been assimilated by HP will there ever be another webOS smartphone? Well the answer is maybe and apparently later this year the world should see webOS 2.0 hit the mobile arena.

According to a Chris Ziegler article over on Engadget, the once Palm CEO, Jon Rubinstein, now working for HP, remarked in an interview with Fortune that the world should see webOS 2.0 for “later this year,” which means HP has about five months to get webOS 2.0 out and about.

One can only presume that with the arrival of webOS 2.0 the mobile world will start seeing some HP hardware sporting the new operating system, something Rubinstein apparently drove home hard saying they are developing new hardware “aggressively.”

Whether that means HP computers and the like running webOS 2.0 or perhaps a new webOS 2.0 packing smartphone is yet to be discovered, but things should come to light over the coming months.

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