Acer Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Coming?

We’ve already seen Windows Phone 7 based smartphone coming out of the like of Samsung, HTC, LG and Asus, and now it appears another manufacturer may be jumping aboard the Windows Phone 7 locomotive.

According to an article over on Engadget by Donald Melanson, an by way of an article over on WMPoweruser, Acer may be joining the Windows Phone 7 gang as apparently a snippet was posted to a LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft Hardware Program Manager.

The profile post says…Acer M900 WP7 Phone Program — Managed Acer project plan, design reviews, and hardware verification of Acer phone to enable WP7 keyboards, touch, and sensor drivers.

Apparently said manager has not only worked on Samsung, Asus, and LG Windows Phone 7 devices, but names Acer as another and that the Acer Windows Phone 7 device is called the Acer M900 which apparently began as a Windows Mobile handset then changed to the Android based InstintQ/Moment.

So it looks like the Acer M900 is changing again this time to the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform, although naturally this hasn’t been confirmed in any way.

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