Samsung Galaxy S to Hit 2 Million Milestone Next Week

The Samsung Galaxy S smartphone is one pretty neat device that recently hit the 1 million handsets sold mark, and now Samsung has announced that the Android toting Samsung Galaxy S should hit the 2 million handsets sold milestone next week.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez, the reason Samsung has managed to push out 2 million in such a short time is due to Sammy taking a “blanket approach” rather that the exclusive approach Apple took with the iPhone.

So basically making sure all major carriers in the US carried the Samsung Galaxy S in one version or another such as the Samsung Vibrant for T-Mobile, Samsung Captivate for AT&T, Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, and Samsung EVO 4G for Sprint.

Furthermore apparently Samsung has stated that moving forward they expect to sell around 5 million Samsung Galaxy S handsets by the end of the year in the US and approximately 25 million globally by the end of the year and is looking to double that figure in 2011.


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