Google to Enable Android Platform Devices to Edit Documents

Up until now Android and iOS devices have only been able to view Google documents, however apparently all that is about to change as Google has announced numerous new features which are targeted towards the business user.

According to an article over on Phone Scoop by Eric M. Zeman, and by way of the Official Google Blog, Google has announced that “within the next few weeks,” users of Google Docs will have the ability to edit their docs from the browser of Android mobile devices.

Thus this will be the first time that a user can actually edit their Google Docs from their Android based smartphone. Furthermore Google also announced that the iPad will also gain the edit Google Docs ability as the same time as Android.

One presumes that if the iPad can edit Google Docs then so can the iPhone considering it has the same iOS, and Google has also confirmed that other mobile platforms will also gain the new ability sometime soon.

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