Alert! Halloween Twister iPhone App Game

Halloween is not to far away now and whilst you wait for the parties to begin you are most probably bored, well download the free Alert! Halloween Twister iPhone app game that is supposedly very addictive.

This game is just like Twister but for your fingers, all you need to do to play this game is press all Jack-O-Lantern buttons as they appear and do not let go until they disappear, get twisting baby.

Main features include: Automatically save your high scores, Simple yet INSANELY ADDICTING, Facebook integration, Want to see how you rank against the rest of the world? Send your scores online, Over 40 awards and achievements to reward you for your reflexes and skill, plus so much more.

You will get awards and achievements; this game does come with a warning that includes sleep deprivation, fits of rage, increase in blood pressure and involuntary outbursts.

For more information on this free Halloween iPhone app please visit iTunes, if you have already downloaded this app we would love to read your reviews.

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