White iPhone 4 Christmas Release Fake: Steve Jobs

The other day we posted an article about the possibility of the white iPhone 4 seeing release at Christmas, the article was based around a supposed email response by Apple chief Steve Jobs, you can view said article by hitting up (here)

However, according to an article over on iPhone Download Blog by Sebastian, it appears that said email conversation between Steve Jobs and the recipient called Nathan was indeed a fake as apparently Sebastian received this email from Nathan…

“Hello Sebastian. The email I sent you from Steve jobs was fake. I am really sorry because I didn’t know it would get so big. I told my parents what I did and they said it was wrong then yesterday my dad read an article on fortune magasine website that was talking about the email and realized this article was based on what i had sent you. My parents asked me to come clean and admit everything was fake. I’m very sorry that won’t happen again.”

So it appears that this goon was simply out to have a bit of fun and that Steve Jobs never responded to an email that was never sent in the first place. However, Christmas is still before the end of the year and who know, perhaps Apple just might play Santa and deliver the white iPhone 4 in time for the festivities.

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