Google Voice App Gets Relaxed Rules via Apple

In the past Apple and their draconian rules about the App Store meant that several Google Voice apps were kicked from the store, although Apple did insist they hadn’t thrown out Google Voice apps but were re-reviewing them.

The ejection of Google Voice apps from the App Store even forced the FCC to investigate. Now according to an article over on PC Pro by Barry Collins, Apple has finally relented and approached Sean Kovacs, a Google Voice developer, and informed him if he was to resubmit his GV Mobile app it would be considered favourably.

And well, it appears that GV Mobile was considered very favourably as GV Mobile is now available in iTunes to download to the iPhone for a price of £1.79.

Although the app for the UK states…”While this app is for sale in your country, you will not be able to make calls from your phone (without an advanced setup),” the GV Mobile + page states, without further explanation. “


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