PlayStation Move Controller with Mobile Phone Specifications

The new PlayStation Move Controller for the PS3 is basically a cheap mobile phone without the calling capabilities according to Gizmodo.

When you look at the specifications or should we say parts within it is similar to a phone, the PlayStation Move Controller has been dissected by iFixit to show all the innings and it features what you would find in a smartphone.

The PS Move features Bluetooth, accelerometer, vibrating motor, processor, MEMS compass and a gyroscope, makes you wonder if they really needed a new controller or simply an app that’s allows your smartphone to sync with the PS3.

You can see the full dissection of the PlayStation Move Controller via iFixit, if you own the new PS Move let us know what you think of it by sending in your personal review, and please do let us know if you would love to use your mobile smartphone as a controller for your PS3.

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