Verizon iPhone 4 and White Version Silence: Speak Up

Verizon iPhone, how about the much delayed white iPhone 4, these are the two subjects that took over the Internet with news being reported of its release dates and reasons behind its delay.

Apple brings out new devices like the iPod Touch amongst other things, which is very good indeed for customers, but what customers are longing for is the white iPhone 4 and of course the Verizon iPhone and yet we still sit back and wait.

The long painful wait has left readers, bloggers, news groups sitting back and not searching, writing or asking any questions about the above of late, it seems a little quite at the moment; does this mean we are all bored of the wait? Do we really care of we gain the Verizon iPhone or the white version? Or is it the case of ‘what is the point of going on about it and sit back and see what happens now’.

We have wrote many articles covering these two devices and here is a quick recap of a few of them: We mentioned if Apple needs the Verizon iPhone to combat the Android market share and we would love your comments on this, is the Verizon iPhone causing more dismay than the iPhone antenna problem, for more information please do read on the following (Verizon iPhoneWhite iPhone 4).

What do you want more, the Verizon iPhone or White iPhone 4? Please do vote below. If you have any ideas on release dates on the Verizon iPhone or White iPhone 4 please do let us know, any news you have for us and our readers would be much appreciated.

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