Verizon iPhone Causes More Dismay Than iPhone 4 Antenna

When Apple pushed out the new iPhone 4 with its antenna problems many were dismayed and had a right old moan; however a new survey apparently shows that Apple not delivering on an Verizon iPhone causes rought three times more disappointment.

According to an article over on Apple Insider by Neil Hughes, a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray which surveyed 258 mobile phone users in Minneapolis over the iPhone antenna issue, 69% or 177 respondents answered they where aware of the problem with 20% stating the problem affected their decision on which smartphone to purchase.

Analyst Gene Munster wrote…”In other words, our survey suggests that Apple is losing up to 20% of potential domestic iPhone sales due to the antenna issues.” Furthermore although the survey didn’t inquire about a Verizon iPhone, most of the participants did broach the matter.

Munster went on to write…”We found that for every one respondent that acknowledged the antenna issue, about three complained about the iPhone not being on Verizon. In other words, the lack of an iPhone on Verizon is holding back sales by about three times more than the antenna issue.”

So it would seem that more people are disappointed with Apple’s continued failure to deliver a Verizon iPhone than with the iPhone 4 antenna issue, what are our readers views on this matter?


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  1. I think it sucks I have wanted a iPhone since they come out. But I will now switch from verizon I have been with them for more than 20yrs. Now that I had learned it was not coming soon I got a droid incredible and oh my is outstanding and I love it and no longer regret waiting any longer. It makes me hate AT&T that much more for hogging the whole iPhone on the first place. Sincerely Robin

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