New iPhone 4 With Tweaked Antenna Design on Way Says Telcel

It appears that Mexico may have some news on the iPhone 4 antenna issues in as much as apparently there could well be a fix on the way from Apple by way of a release of a “revised” iPhone 4 that sports a “tweaked” antenna design.

According to an article over on Apple Insider, by Slash Lane, and by way of MacRumors, the director of value added services at Telcel, Marco Quatorze, claims that Mexico will at first get the same iPhone 4 as anywhere else, however according to comments he made last week, he claims that Apple will push out a revised iPhone 4 with an improved antenna after the 30th of September.

Apparently this new iPhone sporting the tweaked antenna design to get rid of the antennagate issue will come after Apple’s free bumper case deal ends.

Of course it could well be speculation on the part of Quatorze as Apple isn’t known for sharing inside info with carriers, but sooner or later Apple is going to want to halt that bumper case giveaway, so maybe, just maybe there’s some truth to this.

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