iOS 4.1 Update Apple Reneges on iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Fix

Seems like Apple is full of failed promises these days, what with the expected release of the white iPhone 4 being delayed, the issues with the iPhone 4 antenna, and back in July Apple Guru Steve Jobs acknowledged there was an issue with the handset’s proximity sensor.

Originally Apple said the proximity sensor problem would be fixed in the next iOS update; however, according to an article over on Gizmodo by Val VanHemert, and by way of The Next Web, a spokes person for Apple Australia has said that Apple is still working of a patch to fix the proximity issue in the iPhone 4.

The spokesperson also confirmed that the proximity fix will not be ready in time for the iOS 4.1 update. Doesn’t really surprise me considering how Apple seems to be full of false promises these days.

So no proximity sensor problem fix, no white iPhone 4 release, no Verizon iPhone on the horizon yet, just what is Apple up to other than toting their music media?


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  1. Haroon says:

    I've had an iPhone 4 for a couple of weeks now and I honestly can say that the Proximity sensor issue is really annoying. The antenna issue didn't concern me that much as there was a work around, but the proximity sensor issue is almost making my phone unusable. I've been a strong apple fan for almost three years now and have happily paid the extra cost involved in purchasing a mac and the original iPhone 3G. However, all the good will that apple generated in creating quality products is fast dissipating. The iOS4 update caused my iPhone 3G to become really slow and sluggish which led me to invest in the iPhone 4, with which I'm now stuck with the proximity sensor issue. All the issues aside, the lack of any current information from apple regarding the issues is fast eroding my faith in Apple.

  2. RMW says:

    Mine iPhone 4 has never had the issue – or maybe I just hold it like a normal person. You realize that the sensor has been moved to accommodate the front camera so you have to make sure you hold the phone flat at all times against your ear to make the sensor work correctly. Any angle on the phone will allow too much light to reach the sensor.

  3. Roger says:

    If this fix doesn't make it into 4.1 then I am worried that the problem is much more difficult to fix than originally thought. It may actually be a hardware problem that Apple is trying to work around with a software fix that may or may not ever work properly.

    I am upset about this, because I was going to return my iPhone within the 30-day window and the "genius" talked me out of it saying that a software fix was coming soon. I called the store yesterday and they said they would no longer take the phone back.

    1. Welshmaverick says:

      Surely you can still get a refund under the Sale of goods act i.e. the item has to be fit for purpose!! and that is anything up to 5yrs or 6yrs in Scotland if my memory serves

  4. honkj says:

    geez, READ what the Apple spokesman said: the fix is not out yet, iOS4.1 IS NOT OUT YET … HELLO… any bells and whistles go off with that?…

    now do just a tiny bit of googling and find out that iOS4.1 has a fix or not…. geez…….

  5. I've had my iphone 4 from the beginning and i have never really noticed the proximity fault. But looking up videos and info on it i'm amazed that Apple haven't sorted it yet. I agree with you Haroon, my Apple faith is fast eroding likewise.

  6. Josh says:

    You wrote “Seems like Apple is full of failed promises these days”, twice. As the first sentence, then again as the third sentence in the third paragraph

  7. Thib says:

    Uh…to base an evaluation so strongly over what another website said which reported it from Apple Australia (supposedly) is a bit too rash.

    Your headline and the article can take the tone of, "How likely is iOS 4.1 going to fix proximity sensor issues? Maybe not too much." But instead you take a very strong and heavy stance and are ready to convict even before real evidence is out.

    That's a shame. And furthermore, that's poor journalism…that is, unless you're a gossip magazine.

  8. Frustrated User says:

    I agree with you. I just sold my 3G and am also a big supporter of Apple products. I have had my phone for about a month now and have issues of randomly adding people to my conversation, muting… the list can go on. I am very disappointed in this phone and think that perhaps instead of releasing an update that allows for more features, they should fix the ones that are broken.

  9. Macfocused says:

    Have some faith. Sometimes problems are much more difficult to correct than originally thought. I've been with Apple for a long time and the only thing that might make me switch (networks) is the availability of the iPhone on Verizon. Currently no Android phone does simultaneous voice and data – which is something I use so often I don't even notice that I'm doing it most of the time. This ability is one of the keys (I'm sure) that won AT&T the exclusive contract as Verizon was not willing to do many of the things Apple wanted them to do to make some the features in the original iPhone possible.

  10. viceversa says:

    Stupid, stupid, misinformed article.

    I've been running the GM of 4.1 on my iP4 for almost one week. The prox issue is MOST DEFINITELY fixed in 4.1.

    I experienced the prox issue from day one, with the screen activating when pulled ever so slightly away from my face. With 4.1, I can pull the phone almosty 1/2 inch off of my face before the screen turns back on.

    Fixed. Fixed. Fixed.

    1. Dave says:

      It's totally NOT fixed mate.

      Just as bad, completely had it with Apple and this phone.
      They will suffer from huge losses when they start losing their customers as they come to the end of the contracts.

  11. New Iphone Owner says:

    If they cannot fix the proximity issue they need to at least fix the code to allow the top button to lock the phone like the IPhone 3 – then it will at least be usable. I just activated Saturday and almost every call hangs up, goes to facetime or goes to speaker due to the issue. If I could just lock it, it would be somewhat aceeptable.

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