Android 3.0 Sony PlayStation Gaming Phone Anyone?

There have in the past been rumours of a PlayStation phone but most of them when to the rumour grave however, something has popped up that could well point to a PlayStation gaming phone for sometime in the future.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, they caught wind that Sony was working on a gaming phone with PlayStation branding and running the Android 3.0 platform. Well now apparently Sony is advertising for a Senior Server Engineer.

Apparently the PlayStation Division has posted a job listing for someone with mobile development experience. And furthermore, that mobile developer would need knowledge of Android and will be involved in running an online gaming service.

So does this mean that an Android 3.0 PlayStation gaming phone will make an appearance in the mobile arena at some point? Why no, at Microsoft has Windows Phone 7 with Xbox Live, and Apple has the iPhone 4 with Game Center.


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