PlayStation 3 Jailbreak via iPhone: PS3 update 3.50 News

Apparently you can now jailbreak your PlayStation 3 with your iPhone, and this has been accomplished by a hacker who goes by the handle NTAuthority! And has apparently used the same method previously to port the Android OS onto the iPhone 2G and 3G via the OpeniBoot method.

We have a couple of demo videos for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below courtesy of Waisybabu over at Redmond Pie, and shows the mod in action, with the first video lasting 1018 minutes while the second lasts 1.27 minutes.

Apparently it has been confirmed that this hack works over 3 iOS devices, the original iPhone, the iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch and the handset must of course be jailbroken.

Anyway I’ll just let you head on down and check out the action in the two videos, and apparently there is an English version f the guide which can be found by hitting up here.

There is now according to an article over on Only Kent, an update which enables the user to use the PlayStation Move controller as a web browser, an updated UI for the PlayStation Plus, and enables users to access their facebook account.

Please do let us know what you think of the new PS3 update 3.50, Yes we know we are a phone news site but we thought seeing as we are on the subject why not ask. Thanks


6 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Jailbreak via iPhone: PS3 update 3.50 News”

  1. mike says:

    serious and aizen you both are rere's says iphone jailbreak : ps3 3.50 fw update. it does not state its jailbreaking 3.50 we all know only 3.41 or lower can be jailbroken… go back to school and elarn both of you…. only trust psfreedom site for your iphodroid/psfreedom hacks has you can screw up your nor

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