O2 Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update Pulled: Re-Release When?

O2 has decided what the heck and pulled the Dell Streak Android 2.2 update, this suspension came after feedback from users, O2 did offer a pre-rooted update but thought it was time to pull it from you.

No release date has been set for the re-release, but according to Engadget the Streak will not see an update for at least another 2 to 3 weeks.

O2 customers were not happy with the Android 2.1 update and now to be updated with this latest news is not good at all, some say that this update crippled the Dell Streak, read more here.

The Dell Streak is not having a lot of good luck of late, please do come forward and let us know how you are getting on with your handset, your software updates, basically we would like to know everything about the Dell Streak and your problems.

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21 thoughts on “O2 Dell Streak Android 2.1 Update Pulled: Re-Release When?”

  1. Joe says:

    Well I know I'm not the only one who's really pleased with my Streak! I updated to the 2.1 build via a mirror, and there really are not that many issues! My main problem was losing the WMA codec — but it's about time I re-encoded to Vorbis anyway. The 1.6 keyboard was better than the 2.1 one, but I use a 3rd party one anyway.

    I think the Streak is a great device and deserves every success. If it fails, it's because Dell have fumbled it. Still, the source code is released, so here's hoping for some quality homebrew ROMs soon.

  2. macneil says:

    I've noticed both 16gb and 32gb are now "Out of Stock" on o2, both went at the same time coincidentally. I almost went for one of these but I'm glad I held out and it's disappointing as they are really quite nice. Galaxy S is running flash, super phone and maybe more sensible with a 4", to actually pass as a phone. I've waited to see what would happen with Dell and O2… I think this has been the decider and Dell customer service sounds like an aneurysm. Pity really…

  3. Abraham says:

    Dell streaks design is excellent physically i know only of one other attrative and stunning design which is the iphone 4, rest i think dell has not shown any willingness to get any any good rapport for making such awesome design by not putting the up to date version of the os.all there is some hope to see the froyo in near near future

  4. I am extremely happy with my Dell Streak… had it four weeks now from O2 in UK. I updated mine to Android v2.1 on day one from the docomo forum and have been gradually ‘settling in’ to Android. SlideIT and Thinking Space plus AK Notepad being my most used Apps at the moment. I also added the Apple blue tooth keyboard which works a treat.

    For tech-savvy users, this is as good as it gets imho – get an ipad for your granny though… she will appreciate the sandbox simplicity of Apple World.

  5. robert says:

    I upgraded to 2.1 recently. The messaging programme is POOR you have to send messages through the phone book. So i downloaded a diff programme. Key board is more spaced out which is good, but they got rid of the cursur arrows! My phone randomly switches off at times…maybe because its a bit damaged. The unbreakeable gorilla tough glass broke! But i hope the issues will be fixed with an upgrade…want flash too! Overallim still happy with it

  6. tejib says:

    When i saw that o2 had released 2.1 i was really happy and updated straight away. However after the update my phone would not even start up and now i have had to send it off and wait for them to send me another one

  7. macneil says:

    From my comment earlier… Just off the phone with O2 doing an upgrade. I asked about the Dell Streak being out of stock and she stated "It has been withdrawn!"

    Galaxy S on the way… 8GB card and AMOLED clinched it over the HTC Desire. Launchpad is available for the Galaxy so that it runs like Sense UI too.

  8. Nathan says:

    I have just got my Delll Streak, but I had to get in store because O2 have discontinued it because of lack of sales, so that's why you will see it as "out of stock" on their website.

  9. Pablo says:

    I have had the Dell Streak (with Android 1.6 on it) for one week. The idea was to see if it could link into our corporate systems for email and accessing other systems infrequently through Citrix etc. The email works fine if you trial/purchase the Touchdown app. Internet fine and apps such as CardioTrainer utilising GPS fine. Contacts/texting experience is not so good. The biggest problem is that there does not appear to be any functionality within Android or droid apps to connect to a Cisco VPN. Given that many companies use these to secure their networks it seems like a big gap in Dell's offering.

  10. simon says:

    i too love my streak, i installed the 2.1 unofficial update but i preferred 1.6. what Keyboard does everyone use as i liked the original better? sad to hear that its been withdrawn but i have to think that if dell had pulled the fingers out of their asses then it would have done very well indeed.

  11. colin says:

    Ive had my streak for 3 weeks & upgraded to android 2.1. So far the only problem ive had is not being able to play films on it. They play fine from sites like youtube but it tells me i need flash player which streak doesnt support if i want to download films from other sites. Roll on 2.2 upgrade.

  12. kamal says:

    After receiving an upgrade alert from O2 on 4/09/10, I got excited and installed the android 2.1 version only to find out that my dell had gone to hell – wouldn't switch on at all! Duly handed it over to O2 for repairs but they failed to fix it and said that they would send me a replacement. The promise made two weeks ago still hasn't materiealised – what a perfect marriage of dell and O2! Waiting for the Desire HD or Blackpad to come out and rescue me! The question is which one I should go for!!

  13. ive no idea why people have had so many problems, ive upgraded to the "unofficial" 2.1 and the only problems ive had are the ones to be expected…when you dont use an official piece of software. examples are the wifi not turning off.

    and to people who say it wont turn on afterwards….nothing like taking the battery out and putting it back in, then putting the phone in recovery mode to do it all over again is there?

    surely….many people buy phones like this just for the looks, then complain when they dont know how to use it.

    android is a superb OS when properly used. otherwise its just a cheaper iphone (to the untrained user)

    i love my streak.

    end of 😀

    1. Jimbo says:

      That may be your experience. Mine turned into a brick with a Dell logo when I tried to update, and no, any number of different hard reset combinations and recovery attempts failed to resurrect it. Sent it back to O2, and got a new one, as they couldn't fix it either.

      I love my Streak too. But less than I did a month ago….

  14. Jon says:

    Got my dell in June of this year. I adored it, then on my birthday, 6th Sept, I recieved a present from O2. To say its a letdown now is an understatement of the decade. I’m not massively tech savvy but, I know I loved my lesser version of android. Perhaps it suits my simple understanding of android or perhaps its just cos it worked, either way, not so good now. Shame really, I’d advise the Galaxy S, the wife has it and it walks the streak……

  15. nsaspooks says:

    I purchased 8 Dell Streaks to trial in my company and wish I hadn't. Apart from its poor build quality and the fiasco of the 2.1 update, support from Dell has been nothing short of dreadful. Had multiple replacements Still waiting for two to be returned by Dell after 6 weeks absence (called today and told I need wait another 10 days!)
    O2 have given up on the Streak and withdrawn it from sale. So I have 8 devices not suitable for the purpose they were intended for, I will be requesting Dell for a refund. Will wait till the htc desire hd and win mob 7 devices get released.

    1. Dave says:

      I am considering buying the Streak so I wan to know why you say that it has poor build quality?As I've read many reviews praising its build quality & choose of materials.Thanks

  16. Jools says:

    just checked on 02 site, dell streaks are in stock !!!! so clearly not been pulled
    I love mine never had a problem, a colleague had one doa and it was replaced next day
    Just need froyo though 2.1 is very good

    i love my streak

  17. John says:

    I've had the Dell Streak (in red direct from Dell) for a week, also bought the car holder/charger kit. I'd read so many negative comments regarding the Steak 'only' having Android 1.6 but I'm very pleased with the product, I'll upgrade when a stable OS update is available (to make it even better) but with the exception of one or two websites (flash) everything that I want to do exceeds my expectations right now. I'm a long time gmail / google calendar (and google voice when I'm in the USA) user, I bought it to use these services and the google maps navigation. The combination of the Android OS and the 5" screen is exceptional, it is without a doubt the best piece of technology I've ever bought. I just wish Dell would allow me to uninstall the apps I don't want (touchdown demo), after all it is my phone not a carrier subsidised unit.

  18. Darren J Sage says:

    I like my Streak although my first handset committed suicide by leaping out of my coat pocket when I was getting ready to leave work.

    Annoyingly, I had only had the Android update a week prior to its death and the new handset is still on the old Android 1.6, which is infuriating.

    The second handset it not as good as the first – silly things really – not picking up WiFi as easily and other little niggles although I am hoping the next update will sort this.

  19. TDH says:

    I have had my Streak since Jun now and generally it is awesome!!! I love the screen size as is makes it a perfect mini movie player and the speaker is loud and clear from a good distance away. HOWEVER…. it does seem to reset itself if placed down on the table with anything more than a feather touch and I keep finding it has switched off when placed in my coat pocket for no apparent reason, although I do think there is a delicate spot on the rhs bottom corner which may seperate the battery with the connectors – might have to try the good old paper inside the cover mod to ensure it stays in place. 🙂

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