Covert Free Cydia App for Jailbreak iPhones, Private Safari Browsing

Say hello to the new Covert free Cydia app that allows private browsing in Pr0n mode to Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch, the devices must be jailbreak versions.

Yes you can now use jailbroken iPhones to surf privately, the new Covert tool on the Cydia app store maybe what you have been looking for. Redmond Pie got their hands on it and gave it a go and say with the private browsing activated when the new tab is opened it works well in the Safari browser.

If you have already tried the above please do let us know how you got on, if you have not tried it out yet is it something that you would like to give a go.

It is cool seeing as there will be a tabs button at the bottom right on the toolbar of the browser, this is where you can change to “Private Browsing” and start a new session, you will not when it is active because the UI of the browser will be grey in colour.

Source – Gizmodo

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