Verizon iPhone Could Claim 23 Percent of AT&T iPhone Customers Claims Survey

Ah the continuing saga of the much talked about Verizon iPhone. I’m pretty sure that if or should that be when Apple finally gets round to delivering a CDMA iPhone, AT&T will loss a few iPhone customers, but how many?

Well according to an article over on Apple Insider by Josh Ong, and by way of Business Insider, a new survey claims that 23 percent of the Big Blue’s iPhone customers wish to switch to a Verizon iPhone, and as a result of said survey Credit Suisse has raised the target price of AT&T stock to $35 from $27.

Apparently the report found that apart from the 23 percent that would switch to the Verizon iPhone, 3 percent would switch to a Sprint iPhone while only 2 percent would switch to a T-Mobile iPhone while 63 percent of AT&T’s iPhone customers would opt to remain with the Big Blue.

Credit Suisse has apparently calculated by combining current subscription rates and the survey data that 1.4 million of AT&T’s iPhone users are at risk if Apple comes up with the Verizon iPhone and thus would have less of an impact on the Big Blue’s bottom line than what was previously expected.

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