Greenpois0n Malicious File, Trojans by Cybercriminals: Warning!

A new iOS 4.1 jailbreak aka Greenpois0n is going to be released soon, but we must all be aware of cybercriminals for these are the guys behind malicious files, you know those that take advantage out of users.

Jailbreaking is big business and there is always someone out there to put a spanner in the works, there will be scams left, right and centre to thwart you into paying your hard earned cash for something that will in fact be released for free, we have chatted a little about this today.

According to SoftPedia there is already a malicious file out there that has been found called Greenpois0n_By P0sixninja.rar”, and this was being dished out to torrent sites, there are many sites surfacing that are fakes such as greenpois0n.info and trust us there will be many more, the OFFICIAL site is greenpois0n.com (Always remember the .com at the end).

There will always be vulnerabilities and all we can do is make you aware that they are there, Apple last month issued the iOS 4.0.2 to patch several security issues, oh yes do you remember JailbreakMe?

The Chronic Dev Team is working on a new boot ROM-based persistent jailbreak that will work on all current devices that should make it impossible to remove via iOS updates, time will tell as they say.

Some scams include fake sites charging a massive $25 to $40 for jailbreaking tools, do not be hasty and rush into buying because it is not real and just a way to get you money, always remember that Greenpois0n will be FREE.

Hey Chronic Dev Team, Psst can you see this article? Hey you know you love us, please send us some photos and new information about the new jailbreak; you know you cannot resists us, show the love.


3 thoughts on “Greenpois0n Malicious File, Trojans by Cybercriminals: Warning!”

  1. R3VdEv90 says:

    Please be patient. We are working on the jailbreak that will jailbreak your current devices for as long as you have them. We would think that you would show a little gratitude. The only reason we do this is because we enjoy doing it. We provide the tools free of charge because like you, we believe in using a device to it’s optimum level. Please exercise patience.

  2. hsvgts says:

    I bought my first apple device 6 weeks ago (IPhone4 and IPad). Updated as you do, then found out :jailbreaking". My IPhone was running 4.0.1 (DAMM). I have been waitting like everyone else for a jailbreak, As of yet I have not seem any update as to a release date. If the DEV Team would publish a release date update, What about saying "a week away" or maybe a month away. any thing is better than soon. If it is days away fine, dont bother. If it is weeks or even months away I think we should be told. At least people wont waste there time searching and even falling for some scam. We are told to have patience. BUT FOR GODS SAKE, GIVE US SOME SORT OF TIME FRAME.

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