Verizon 4G Service Teaser Site: What Can We Expect?

Verizon has just made live its 4G Service teaser site, yes Verizon is moving ahead with its upcoming LTE-based network.

The question is “What can we expect from the new service?” obviously soon enough Verizon will give us plenty of information on release dates, launch markets and much more, which we will be covering of course.

Verizon say that they have pushed the boundaries with is 3G service and now are claiming there are no boundaries with the new 4G service.

They claim that Verizon’s 4G is your signal at full-tilt, it’s abundance of bandwidth. Reducing your lag time significantly, and it’s a powerful signal that makes you invincible. Be the first to defy boundaries and ride the lightning of Verizon’s 4G signal. All you need to do is enter your email address to receive alerts with the latest Verizon 4G news including its launch date, pricing, coverage and much more.

Source – Engadget

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