BlackBerry Browser Issues Fix for Bold 9650

If you are an owner of the BlackBerry Bold 9560 smartphone and have grabbed the leaked BlackBerry operating system release apparently there have been some reported issues with one of the main issues being with the webkit browser.

According to an article over on Crackberry by drm2blv, with on the BlackBerry Bold 9560 the webkit browser is not functioning if the handset didn’t have a WiFi connection, and even going through the motions of troubleshooting the problem still remained.

This has apparently caused a bit of an uproar in the Crackberry forums; however apparently user Xandermac stepped up to the mark with a thread titled “Updating to OS6 and want everything to work?”

In said thread, Xandermac outlined just how to fix the issues and depending on which BlackBerry device you’re using affects just how easy the fix is; however apparently said fix has be tested and verified as 100 percent on the money, so if you have upgraded or are about to then check out the aforementioned thread beforehand.

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