BlackBerry Storm 3, New OS and Tablet Possibly at Devcon 2010

So what can the BlackBerry faithful expect at the BlackBerry Developers Conference, Devcon 2010? Well apparently there will be something for the smartphone fans, mobile tablet fans and of course the mobile operating system fans.

According to an article over on Crackberry by Bla1ze, reports by the Financial Post and the WSJ have it that Research In Motion is gearing up to launch new services and hardware at the event including the new QNX developed operating system.

Apparently during Devcon 2010 RIM will showcase the new BlackBerry Storm 3 smartphone which is rumoured to sport the new QNX developed operating system along with the new BlackBerry Tablet that’s currently been in the news.

As for the services part, word has it Research In Motion may announce their new advertising service using Mobclix, which has also been rumoured in the past. Naturally none of this has been confirmed so still remains just rumour for the time being.


3 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 3, New OS and Tablet Possibly at Devcon 2010”

    1. Jess Leeds says:

      No need for storm 3 as my current phone Bold 9650 is terriffic. however if storm 4 was lighter and more friendly and updated to a newer OS i would cosider .

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