CDMA Mobile News: iPhones Built by December, Verizon Hope

Remember all the talk about new CDMA capable iPhones, well the latest CDMA mobile news reports that CDMA iPhone’s will be built by December.

This has surely got to be the case of a Verizon Rumour alert, over at Susquehanna Financial Group an analyst says according to iPhone Download Blog that Apple has at last prepared the build of 3-million CDMA capable iPhones by December.

This would mean that release date predictions for the CDMA iphone release would indeed be early 2011, you can read a full report via Apple Insider that contains speculations and predictions, if you think the above news is a shock wait until what I say Next.

Welcome to the new Verizon CDMA Apple iPhone, “Oh come on you knew that was coming”, why would Apple be producing CDMA versions of the smartphone if Verizon was not going to house it.

Do you really think Verizon will get the new CDMA iPhone? Do you think the above information should be taken lightly until official Apple news comes in? Your comments are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “CDMA Mobile News: iPhones Built by December, Verizon Hope”

  1. glw1973 says:

    I was at our state fair and visited the Verizon booth. The Verizon Tech said that Apple and AT&T had signed a 2 year exclusive agreement and that it would be at least 2012 before Verizon would be getting the iPhone.

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