HTC Desire HD A Closer Look Walkthrough Video

As you may well be aware, the upcoming new smartphone from the HTC camp is of course the HTC Desire HD, along with the HTC Desire Z, and we know that both smartphones feature the new HTC Sense user interface. Well today we have an up close look at Sense on the HTC Desire HD for your viewing pleasure.

The HTC Desire HD walkthrough video comes our way courtesy of Gary C of Eurodroid and by way of This Adroid Life, and gives us a sweet seven minutes up close walkthrough of the new HTC Sense in action on the HTC Desire HD.

The video does show that the new Sense UI along with HTCSense.com service looks good and appears to be quite useful on the device in the video anyway and may just be a seller for HTC.

Anyway, as I said the video lasts over seven minutes in length, so set some time aside, turn off your notifications, sit back and spend a little time getting up close with the HTC Desire HD….enjoy.

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