Apple iPhone 4 Against HTC Desire Comparison Battle: Videos

Without a doubt even with its antenna issues, the iPhone 4 is the smartphone to beat in the mobile space, and as yet no other device has really come close to snatching the smartphone crown, but at some point in the game virtually every smartphone gets compared against the iPhone 4.

Thus we have such a smartphone comparison for your viewing pleasyre today in the form of an iPhone 4 verses the HTC Desire comparison battle which comprises of three videos that come our way courtesy of the guys over at the Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Passionemobile.

In the first video which lasts almost ten minutes the specifications of both devices along with Navigation, YouTube and speed test while the second video again lasts almost ten minutes and covers the camera and user interface of both smartphones.

The third and final video lasts almost four and a half minutes and shows a comparison between the browsing experience and the video quality of both the iPhone 4 and HTC Desire. So all that remains is for you to set some time aside and mash the play buttons…enjoy.

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