Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Android 2.2 Update Release Date

Now this is a turn up for the books because many of us thought that the Samsung Galaxy S like the Fascinate would not be getting the Android 2.2 update, but that seems to have changed now.

We visited a number of Android sites like Droid-Life and they reported that the Samsung Fascinate would NOT be getting the new software update, (Motorola Droid X has, sorry thought you may want to know this).

The source above said that the Fascinate would get an update but only for bug fixes, well Droid-Life recently updated it site stating that Android 2.2 update is coming late October.

According to BGR the Samsung Galaxy S will be getting its Android 2.2 update in “late October, what do you think? Please do post all comments below. For more information of the Fascinate update please visit Verizon.


52 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate Android 2.2 Update Release Date”

    1. james says:

      droid x sucks, I just went thru two of them in a week, i traded out for the Fascinate, much more impressed, Btw the X may have a 8mp camera but its screen resolution isnt high enough to show it so it looks like your shooting with a old vga camera, o and there is no zoom, my first one locked up and i lost all 450 pics on my sd card, the second one the speaker was blown and the cam sucked, both brand new out the box.

  1. Ben Bowden says:

    This is somewhat disapointing, but I am glad we are at least getting an update to fix a few bugs. I'm rooted, so I will probably be running froyo before we get the OTA 🙂

  2. xceebeex says:

    The Fascinate WILL get the 2.2 update, this article is VERY confusing. I have been reading for a long time (even before the phone was released) that it will get the 2.2 update so don't worry. Sure the X will get it first, but the phone was also out first. I chose the Fascinate over the Droid X and I will never look back. The Droid X is ugly and akward and the screen on the Fascinate is a million times better.

  3. Jordan says:

    total bullsh*t they say were getting the froyo 2.2 update end of september , now late october! no 1 has any idea what there talking about!

    SORT IT OUT , i dont like waiting!

    1. harryreid says:

      First things first….were is not the same as we're and there should be they are. Now that you have had your english lesson, I want the 2.2 update for my Samsung as well.

  4. Ryan says:

    I welcome the notion of the 2.2 os update! It’s a clean version and swipe works faster, along with other features.

    I actually own both the droid x & fascinate, they’re both great phones in their own ways…the X, is the best media phone and swype rules on it; however, the fascinate is a smaller form-factor and from my testing…much more stable.

    due to the fact that the X is a beast of a phone, the X is my favorite!

  5. New Fascinate Owner says:

    I just traded in my Droid X for the Fascinate and I could not be happier with it. The X had lag time on several app's, even when trying to merely call out, and the Fascinate is truly seamless and functions just like an iPhone regarding response time….except with Verizon there are virtually no dropped calls!! Great device, the X was just too big and heavy. I can be patient for 2.2; although they better deliver by end of Oct!

  6. P C says:

    from what I have collected from a bunch of sites … the Galaxy S (not the american versions) was to get the update by end of Sept … and the US models some time later (probably needing to jump through some customization hoops by each vendor's versions), as Samsung was quoted as saying all worldwide and US versions would eventually get the 2.2 update

    The GPS update started rolling out last week. I just got mine pushed down today and its working much better.

  7. Chris says:

    i just purchased the fascinate on the 23rd, and the saleman told me the update would be available is a couple weeks. so hopefully sooner than late october

  8. The Fascinate beats the Droid and iPhone 4. I had all three to review and went with a Samsung oddly enough. I have had Google search from the get. My browser is set to Google and the voice search found in apps is also defaulted to Google. I do NOT do the Bing thing. I would like the see more flash. My Fascinate does do some like the flash banners on my webpage along with others.

    1. Jane says:

      Just got Fascinate and didn't realize it would have the Google voice search and Google aps. How did you manage to get around this? Or didn't you completely?

  9. Bill Lyons says:

    As a recent Galaxy S purchaser (due to the poor performance of Behold II). I am angered by the fact that Samsung/Android is wasting so long to release what should be an automatic update. The appeal my Samsung originally had is quickly fading because of Androids apparent market ploy for Verizon androids.

    Louisville, Ky

  10. andy says:

    i just bought a new fascinate … i hope it its better then the X. it has three less megapixles on the camera and it does not have the hd converter tv thingy.. which sounded neat… lets see what this sucker can do

  11. james says:

    how late is this 2.2 Os froyo is it gonna be?…+ can you tell me how to turn on the light indicator on the fasinate, it's something dat i must know!!!

  12. KenD says:

    There will For sure be a 2.2 update for the fascinate im not sure when i am waiting myself but if you have bought the mulitmedia dock for the fascinate the red sticker reads " STOP the 3.5mm audio out port will be fully functional upon the release of android 2.2 for galaxy s phones".. A glimmer of light kinda i think as we know it is coming its just a matter of waiting like i did with my X..

  13. Suge says:

    for all of you confused droid x abolisher's. and users wondering if the fascinate was the 'right' choice.

    droid x is the better phone.

    if you're experiencing lag issues, please adjust your cache memory (or learn how to exit programs after using them) as the x is set up to run many programs in the background.

  14. suge says:

    x has and will have more capabilities than the fascinate; however,

    fascinate is a good phone too!, definately a good choice; just not over the x.

    i bought the fascinate for my mother, and my girl;
    i bought the x for me; and if i decide to add my father under my Verizon plan, i'd probably get him an X too.

    i don't know that i'd rate the HTC Incredible over the Fascinate, however…. HTC makes very good and reliable phones; but, you can download the 'sense ui' on the droid x; and once you hold an X, you phones like the HTC Indredible just seem to small….

    back to orig statement, Fascinate has a beautiful screen, and runs pretty smooth, i like it as a backup phone over the Incredible; but definately not over the X

  15. suge says:

    options and configs on the fascinate are far less superior, and browsing (internet, facebook, etc.) definately lags more, even w/ good 3G signal.

    the home of the fascinate is probably what lures me the most; however, once you being downloading cooler, and more 3D widgets for your X, it negates any superiority the fascinate may have over the X.

    or, of couse, you can create your own widgets – if you have the spare time…


    Fascinate buyers: Good choice, but sorry that you spent the same $ you could of bought an X with.
    albeit, that i am a man, but my hands aren't grotesquely huge, and i operate holding the phone (in 1 hand) just fine. once 1-2 weeks pass, you'll never go back to a smaller phone… if you wear very tight jeans, just but the 2-peice beltclip that comes with the protective back for the phone, and the clip for your belt.

    2nd P.S.
    where else can you record and directly connect your HDTV to your phone and enjoy its luxeries?


  16. A.J. says:

    whether the fascinate gets the 2.2 soon or not im still glad i got it. Its super amoled screen is amazing . I ordered over the x casue of the screen and i have played with both but the fascinate is amazing. Would love to have froyo but im so happy i got the fascinate no regrets i recomened it to anyone who is thinking of getting the droid x or any other android phone over it. Trust me you wont regret it……. It is just an opinion but i believe most people will love this phone unless they are devoted motorola fans

  17. DARTT says:


  18. kris says:

    F the facinate my gf has one and can not text out due to a samsung bug if a +1 is in front of the area code the text will not go through i have a droid x and it smashes the facinate hands down samsung has to many bugs with this phone more so through the verizon network stick with the droid x its much more stable

  19. well the fasinate was a huge mistake getting.. i dont regret returning it and getting the droid 2 global for a second. thats what you get for trusting the damn koreans and there horrible customer support

  20. trublu9 says:

    I have read a couple other sites and one of them said that a celular network in canada said the fascinate would be getting Froyo in January. But, then it would make more sense for samsung to skip the 2.2 update and just go directly to 2.3 gingerbread, which is already released. But, the fascinate is still getting some sort of update.

    1. trublu9 says:

      of course it can handle it, and that it is looking more and more like a possibility that 2.2 will be skipped now that the nexus S, a galaxy S phone, has 2.3

  21. Redge says:

    I bought the fascinate last week and I have till early Jan. to decide if I am going to keep it. I really like the phone but I’m having reception issues. Does anyone know if the update will improve reception?

  22. Chris says:

    When I went into my local verizon store about a month ago (Boston, MA) they told me the update was set for december 21st… So hopefully tomorrow we all get what we have been waiting for!

  23. Steve says:

    Well, almost Christmas and everyone I know who has some other phone besides a Fascinate has an update. We sit here with the dinosaur waiting with our thumbs up…well you know. No matter what phone you get it’s always something…kinda like cars.

  24. Kai says:

    Got my fascinate for christmas I luv it! It gets a little slow here and there but it sure beats the heck out of a en v 2. as for the update I don’t really care about waiting. As long as swype world better sometimes it can be a real butt head

  25. John gallagher says:

    This phone is so bad with the screen lockup and all of the technical problems that I went back to my old phone. I will wait for the iphone that is coming next week. I could not get emails unless I used a gmail account. After two phones and nine visits in 1.5 month I could not accept that I was paying for features that I could not use.

  26. Kass says:

    i am not happy with the gps on the fascinate, my husband has a droid and his gps beats mine hands down for quicker locating and response time. my gps takes forever to locate me and also often misreads my location.

  27. Dee says:

    I just got the fascinate 1 1/2 weeks ago. I had an htc eris. I will be exchanging it for a droid x or incredible! I drop calls constantly the screen freezes and its not much faster than my eris! Oh and I hate bing!

  28. Emilio says:

    Got my fascinate and i luv it!!! I know I could have got the droid x but the fascinate has the best screen I have ever seen. I saw some reviews with the samsung fascinate vs the droid x and it was really close! JUST THINK WHEN WE GET 2.2 THE SAMSUNG FASCINATE WILL BEAT THE DROID X HANDS DOWN!!! BUT PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET THE FREAKING UPDATE!!!!! I NEED TO USE MY PRE INSTALLED 16gb MICRO SD CARD FOR MY APPS!!!

  29. smokeynuckles says:

    That sux I just got the phone as a replacement for the Droid x and I love it. Screen process speed apparently response everything. I know the 2.2update will take this phone to the next level of greatness.

  30. Rocky says:

    I had problems with the sansung fascinate software update. the problem was (feeds and updates) freezing up,phone doesn't respond slow. Problem i found was with facebook, if you set your http to https you will have problems, set it to http and your phone will respond just like before and feeds and updates will correct after refresh give it about a minute.(Facebook security settings)will slow or freeze your phone if set to (https).Hope this helps someone.Gave me a fit.

  31. i have the fascinate and i want to know if any one can tell me how to exit the web correctly. i get online and it runs out my battery and i dont think i am closing it right

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