HTC EVO 4G Phone Sprint Update: Gmail, Calendar Event, Framerate Cap and GPS

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G phone has a new update ready for you to install, the Sprint website says there is an update but only says it fixes Calendar event edit issues and Multiple Gmail account sync.

We say ‘only’ above because Engadget has a screenshot of the HTC EVO 4G smartphone showing more to the update, it also shows 30FPS and GPS Reboot, apparently the 30fps cap on video output could not be increased but this firmware update says otherwise.

This is the part where we ask all Sprint HTC EVO 4G users to let us know what they find within the new firmware update, we want to all being it good or bad.

We would also like to know how you are getting on with the smartphone, is it what you expected, have you experienced any problems, has it lived up to expectations. Please use the comments area below


8 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Phone Sprint Update: Gmail, Calendar Event, Framerate Cap and GPS”

      1. Chet says:

        The above comment is wrong. The update worked. When you have events showing in the day view, long press an event and a new screen comes up allowing many things, including edit the event. Use not just a short press, but hold your finger on the event until the new menu appears. It's like you do when you move an icon.

  1. Jeff says:

    After the update, gmail doesn't send emails to my phone anymore. I have 3 gmail accounts and none of them were receiving or sending emails. Then I transferred some of the apps to the SD Card and gmail started working again. Maybe it needed space?

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