iPhone Car Accessories: Griffin iTrip Auto FM Transmitter

When it comes to Apple iPhone car accessories it seems that the FM transmitter is what everyone is looking for, so we thought we would have a little search and see what one we think you will like.

There are so many to choose from and we came across the Griffin iTrip Auto (They also have another called iTrip Auto Handsfree), but lets concentrate on the iTrip Auto.

The iTrip Auto has FM transmitter technology with built-in charger that can connect straight into your vehicles cigarette-lighter or accessory socket, this product is very easy to set up, it is as easy as pressing the SmartScan button and then tuning in the radio to the frequency iTrip chooses for you, now come on that is very simple indeed.

Main Features Include: Assignable presets, inline remote controls, SmartSound signal adjustment, plus stereo and mono play modes. All you will need next is the app integration for iPhone; the app is called Griffin’s iTrip Controller app.

The iTrip Auto costs $69.99 via Griffin and the Griffin’s iTrip Controller app is available now for free via iTunes. If you own any of the above please do send in your personal reviews.


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