Droid X Android 2.2 Froyo Update Causing Problems

Verizon Wireless has finally started pushing out the long awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update to the Motorola Droid X smartphone; however apparently some users are experiencing some issues being caused by the update.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo and by way of the guys over at Android Police, there are some Droid X users reporting experiencing problems with ringtones and music on their Droid X since updating to Froyo.

However at the moment the problem doesn’t seem to be that widespread and the word is that Verizon Wireless is aware and is already looking into the issue, but no word on if or when a fix may come.

So have any of our Droid X toting readers who have the Android 2.2 Froyo update installed been experiencing and issues with music or ringtone, or any other problems, if so drop us a comment and let us know.


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  1. droidxuser says:

    Just updated to 2.2 last night. Experienced problems with my music player while listening on the way in to work this morning.. Songs would stop playing for no reason, or jump ahead. In all instances, the music player eventually froze my phone, I needed to remove the battery to reset. I tested it with different song tracks, same result each time. Have not had the chance to test it with different music apps as of yet.

  2. Gix says:

    My Droid X is beginning to remind me of my Black Berry Storm (Horrible phone, first experience with BB and will be the last) . It is slowing down, doesn't always perform the sounds associated with certain tasks and the browser has taken a pretty large performance hit with the introduction of Flash. I expected load times to be longer but it is obviously a huge time delay between you moving your finger and the screen scrolling, if it moves at all at times. Not all websites perform this way with Flash but a lot do. I thought there would be some issues but not as much as I am noticing. I've never had any serious issues up until now and all problems I previously experienced had to do with software downloaded from Android Market. I simply would go through the process of elimation when it came to the last changes I made on my phone and usually found it to be an application that was installed last. I've been so happy with the phone up until now that I really hope Motorola gets on top of this fast, I think the X is an outstanding phone…my biggest complaint is its foot print which could easily be mended in the next iteration by doing away with physical keys on the face of the phone and keeping the side keys.

  3. Tandersen says:

    After receiving the Froyo update for my Droid X, I first noticed that I was not getting my music for the alarm. After investigating further, I found that the Droid could not recognize any media. Although I could connect it via USB to my computer and play the music directly from the phone, the message that I received from the phone when trying to play music was that the song I was trying to access didn't exist anymore. Further troubleshooting proved that I couldn't access photos or videos either. Again, I was able to download those to my PC and view all of them. Last thing I tried was taking a photo and viewing it imediately afterward… it still couldn't find them. It also wouldn't let me change the configuration to activate the flash. Anyone heard of a fix yet?

  4. charles craig says:

    I have the droid x and have been having problems since updating to froyo 2.2. First I was running the unlock screen with a pattern. Now I have to slide to unlock and draw the pattern to unlock the phone. There’s no way to turn just one off, its both or nothing. Next the text messenging is not working properly. They don’t come though on time and sometimes it doesn’t thread the texts in the correct time format. Slowed the phone down upon unlocking and freezes sometime pickin applications. Is there anyway to go back to 2.1 until they fix the bugs

  5. mike says:

    since my froyo update i havent been able to stay connected to a wireless network. it finds the networks and connects to them, but then constantly drops and reconnects

  6. Roland says:

    The new update has slowed my (DROID X) browsing the internet something terrible. Plus my battery life has gone from 10 to12 hours of moderate to heavy text, phone and internet use to, if I’m lucky 4 hours. Very frustrating. Not happy at all.

  7. joaoh says:

    Updated 2.2 on Wednesday last week. Droid X stopped ringing on incoming calls (only worked on silent and vibrate). Called Verizon and we had to reinstall software. Took about an hour to sort this problem out but phone does now have sound. Still can not use 3rd party ringtones on phone and outgoing emails from corporate account does not work

  8. Mark says:

    Since 2.2 my phone slowed down a great deal. Sometimes when I hit the home button it goes to apps that were running last. Now sometimes the phone is ringing and no matter what I do I cannopt answer the phone.

  9. Steve M says:

    Having many issues with music and sounds as well.

    Will not play wma files any longer.

    Camcorder and camera will not work

    Loses signal and reconnects intermittenly

  10. Lonnie says:

    MY phone doesn't recognize the format since the 2.2 download. All of my media cannot be played. It happened after made one of my songs a ringtone… since then i cant use hear any songs.

  11. Jen F. says:

    HATE 2.2!! My text message time stamps are all out of order. My phone no longer has a vibrate only feature when using the side volume controls (have to go to settings to set to vibrate only). My battery is lasting half of what it used to. And my screen will randomly "wake up" even when the phone is sitting on a table and no one touches it.

  12. Patrick says:

    I miss 2.1 u1, after the update, no media works on my phone including you tube except for just after a reboot. I am beginning to call this the 2.2ME addition similar to windows ME only works right after you reboot. Just went from my favorite phone to the motobrick with one update.

  13. Ronn says:

    Music freezes or stops altogether. Phone is slower to respond to touch commands. Screen freezes with a portion of the image in horizontal and a portion in vertical. Phone then locks up completely and a battery pull is required. If the phone receives an incoming call while I am writing a text message, the phone freezes and I am unable to answer the call. Still rings, just can't answer it.

    With 2.1 I loved this phone. With 2.2 I feel like I'm using the BB Storm; all promise and no fulfillment.

  14. riley says:

    Whenever I switch from landscape to portrait mode while in the music app, my phone can no longer open the music app once closed. Music will still play in the background but I can’t pause it. I then must turn off my phone and turn it back on. When I turn it back on, the only thing that my phone will show is the white motorola M. I can feel that I am unlocking my phone, but the only image that will show up is that stupid M. I have to keep rebooting until it finally works

  15. Deb says:

    Since updating to 2.2 now the bump app is not working most of the time when trying to bump anything from one droid X to another no matter if it is a contact/photo or another app, just keeps saying it can't find a match, yet both my and my husbands phones seemed to do fine with this app prior to the update download. Any help?

  16. Richard says:

    The music player says it doesn’t recognize the format of the songs. I restart the phone and the music works, however the sound goes in and out when the phone is multi tasking. A few hours later, the music app doesn’t recognize it again. I wish they’d just come out with a new music app all together. The developer needs to be fired…why can’t they make it so u can play all songs by one artist instead of going album by album?

  17. mike says:

    Almost missed class since my alarm was an mp3 and their was no sound to wake me, this has to be fixed, i got no more ringtones and cant use certain apps

  18. scott west says:

    Music disappears and those that don’t aren’t recognized until a reboot…video camera freezes and home screens lag…I miss 2.1 too…booooooo motorola and Verizon….you are dropping the ball

  19. Erik says:

    DX – 2.2 Froyo. Music player freezes periodically when switching from wide screen to regular and scrolling simultaneously. Now the music player has stopped altogether. It says a .mp3 is not a supported file type.

  20. Mrap65 says:

    Installed update and began having problems with music. Will not run music that I downloaded, alarm no longer plays music, Pandora plays and freezes…hope it gets fixed soon. I still love the phone but that could change if problem not fixed.

  21. Ts3 says:

    Had the droidx banded screen issue after installing 2.2 and ended up with a new phone running 2.1. 2.1 feels quicker, not resetting the phone as much. Only reason I had for going to 2.2 was flash, but I can live without it. Hoping Verizon doesn't push 2.2 until Moto has a chance to clear up.

  22. dustin draper says:

    I have a droidX and works fine however I bought the Droid 2 for my wife and the musicplayed fine with all of the sudden its says audio does not support this file. I can see the files on the card but will not play.

  23. Devnull says:

    Music player is a piece of garbage. Wifi was working fine, now it keeps connecting and reconnecting. Super annoying. I do not recommend update.

    Is anyone working on a fix ?

    Thinking about going back to 2.1 or installing custom rom … Any ideas?

  24. Mobytoby says:

    Music files randomly become “unrecognized”. Only way to fix seems to be to reboot the phone. Also notice that when music doesn’t play, youtube, verizon song id and custom ring tones don’t work either.

  25. Vladimir says:

    Since Upgrading my DriodX to Froyo 2.2 My music player is useless. It freezes the phone to the point that I have to remove the battery and power cycle.
    I have experienced this issue specially when using the car mount or when connecting to an stereo system.
    Motorola & Verizon please fix ASAP.

  26. bh8690 says:

    so many problems; none with 2.1
    to name a few:
    txt/emails automatically opening to landscape
    (google) search of unit information fails; does not open to individual conatct correctly
    flickering screen
    facebook notifications gone
    swype much less accurate (and ugly)
    voice command startup is so slow

    one like: camera virtual button

  27. ticked-off says:

    Similar issues here. Couple of reboots fuxed some of them. But still walpaper flickers when scrolling through the pages, some apps take longer to load. Longpressing screen to add an app to home screen takes long time to load list of my apps, and I do not have many at all. They took their sweet azz time with rhis update and still came up with bullspit softwear. This will be my last motorola product I will ever buy unless they fix all this isuess soon.

  28. Reeses says:

    No one can hear me when I am talking. I can hear them but now in areas where i used to have superb reception, now im breaking up to everyone trying to hear me. Im pissed, got a replacement phone and now having the same problem, and have to reload all this crap on my phone for no reason.

  29. tmills2121 says:

    The second I got done downloading and installing 2.2 on my driod x it turned my phone into total junk, nothing works right. I want 2.1 back, loved my driod until that moment.

  30. Jason Ferguson says:

    since updating my droid x to 2.2 now I can't access the market anymore. it changed the icon for the market and when I click on it…it says it isn't installed anymore. How the hell do I fix that?

  31. BART VONVETTER says:

    Droid x worked fine for first 2-3 days post FROYO

    Then on third day, I noticed a slowing down of the

    Browser.phone would rotate itself into landscape at the most inappropriate times.also I have had trouble with calendar. Sync, I would enter the info

    But. It never made. To the agenda. Also I am unable to delete events..any events when composing email(either G MAIL or MSN) the screen

    Will freeze and I can only contnue by pressing the

    Power button which locks screen after unlock can content. Would love to have this fixed..cause all in all the phone is a winner. GOTTA LOVE that Big Screen.

  32. Steven says:

    I updated to 2.2 today and everything seams to be working correctly except that the Market Place App on my phone is no longer there :/ . So until there is a new update to fix this I can no longer update my current apps or download new ones. This is a major inconvenience. Im really hoping there is a fix soon

      1. Steven says:

        OK I fixed it. I had to do a factory reset on the phone in order to get the market place app back on the phone. It kept the 2.2 update on the phone but it makes the phone act just like it is out of the box. I removed the sd card and wrote down all of the apps i had (the factory reset will remove EVERYTHING) then reset my phone. You do a factory reset my going to settings>privacy>Factory Data Reset. once you do this the market place app will be back on your phone :D. Just make sure that you remember your gmail account and password so that you can download all of your paid apps again. After that problem solved 🙂 Hope this helps

  33. Aubrey says:

    Recently updated my droid x to 2.2. My music player “cannot read” any of my music then it freezes and closes. Also I cannot play videos anymore (youtube videos). Please help!

  34. Paul says:

    I talked to Verizon Wireless CSR and she stated that 2.2 update caused problems in 50% of the devices. She said they are pulling the update and told Motorola to fix the problems. She said new 2.2 update shold be forthcoming. She offered to replace the device with 2.1 on it.

  35. Codie's mom says:

    My Droid X was updated to 2.2. Now I can't unlock the screen for longer than 9 seconds. I want to turn off the screen lock as it is a pain to have happen every time I put it down. Cannot find where to turn it off. Called tech….after letting battery run totally down….remove battery and total hardset……….still no go. They are sending a new one. Will post once I get it up and running.

  36. Jim says:

    Well for me, the music starts after receiving a text or phone call.
    It is annoying, I have to go in and stop the song from playing each time I receive a text.
    Also, this is not consistent, it can happen over and over for a long period and then stop for an unknown reason.

  37. John says:

    The update slowed down my Droid X so much, it performs about the same as my previous, dreaded BlackBerry Storm. Touch telephone, and it takes 7 or 8 seconds to get there, rather than instantaneously, as it did before. The phone rang today and after touching Answer repeatedly, it never responded. Pressed the top button and could not touch Power Off to reset the phone. I have a number of icons in my contacts; they were lightning fast before the update. Now you WAIT several seconds for the icon to populate the phone.

    I am considering a complete erase and reset. I would like toi get the X back to what it was before the update.

  38. Tommy says:

    I updated my phone yesterday and it wont play any music, it wont even play Pandora. This is a big disappointment. I talked this phone up to all my friends and now it takes a shit in a big way.

  39. George says:

    Phone rings and shows that it is connected but get nothing but dead air on both ends of the line. Did a hard reset close to 2 months ago after installing lookout and backing everything up. This fixed the problem, or so I thought. The other night I picked up a very important call only to have the dead air issue back. I went from a flip phone to my Droid X and really talked it up to all my friends……. now not so sure. Anyone having this problem? The tech at Verizon acted totally surprised …… I call bullshit!

    1. Hans says:

      Hey George: "Phone rings and shows that it is connected but get nothing but dead air on both ends of the line". I got the same here. Working with HTC Touch pro 2 and Android Froyo 2.2 (The Netherlands).
      Very strange. With WM 6.5 no problems.
      Further on, Android 2.2 is working great. Gmail sync etc. is ok.

  40. IGor says:

    HEY guys do not do any hard resets the only thing you need to do —>>>> GO to settings—>>>> privacy——–>>>>>reset factory settings.
    I just did it, it will stay on 2.2 froyo system, but you get back Android market app, but the only sucks thing you gonna louse all of your apps you have previously downloaded.
    But this is for Droid X .

  41. sunil says:

    hello my name is sunil and i got a little problem with my phone. i got htc wildfire. i used to have 2.1 but i update to 2.2 now i am having problem with my sim card. my htc wild fire not reading my sim and saying that i am not aloud. since i update to 2.2. this is very ennoying. can some buddy help me becouse i dont want bye new hand set please help me soon a possible


    if u can my email


  42. Jack says:

    So far I've only noticed one problem since the "upgrade": While I used to be able to go to a song in my music player, press menu and turn it into a ringtone, now pressing menu only brings up the keyboard. Ditto for MP3 ringtones I get online.

  43. Angela says:

    After the upgrade my droid x has become useless. My text messaging wont open, I can’t make calls, all my pictures are gone and when I try to take a picture they wont save, some shortcut buttons wont work and it functions incredibly slow

  44. Disappointed says:

    I am unable to view "talking tom" avi. file that I sent to my phone and am unable to view animated cards sent to me via my email address. I have been talking up the phone until now. What gives?

  45. Aaron says:

    I have the Droid X with 2.2, and I have noticed a lot of the same issues that have been reported by other. Music doesn't always play right, resets ring tones and alerts, shows to have a wifi connection, but is unable to access the internet or any local resources. Didn't have these issues until updating to 2.2

  46. disappointed says:

    Can't receive calls, can't make calls, can't send or receive text messages, battery is low and memory is low. Hate it. I hope my phone bill will be pro rated since I can't use my LG ally.

    Very disappointed customer

  47. Mr.Goodcat says:

    can’t send text messages, can’t recieve calls, ring tones don’t work. i wish someone would test these before making customer’s phones automatically update. ruined my phone. i will never buy another android

  48. Dave says:

    Im running a Motorola Droid 2…have similar issues. I found that turning the phone OFF, waiting a minute or two and then turning it back ON and letting it boot will sometimes help with the slow running issue.

    Hope Verizon and Motorola hurry up and fix this……or they just found their new line of crackberrys

  49. David says:

    I switched to the lg ally because I was so happy with the android operating system. Super fast, everything I really wanted. Switched from a blackberry.. Starting to wonder which is better now. When I go to use my phone. I have to wait forever for any icons to show up on the screen. Then after that it's just slooooow. So much for having a smart phone. Mine is a dumb ass.

  50. 2.2 HaTeR 2.2 says:

    theres no landscape mode with the key board shut anymore. (Droid 2) problems with music player. sucks, reminds me of my Black Berry Storm. when i first got it when it was running 2.1, it was a god. now i barley touch it. too slow, way too slow. it pisses me off to even touch it now. everything force closes on me. this neeeeeds a fix

  51. verizzon sux says:

    My phone is contantly droping calls. When you are talking with a client and your phone drops the call 14 times over an hour conference call it become very apparent that this phone is not working correctly. The phone worked fine when I first purchaced the phone over the past 4-6 weeks the phone has been worthless. I have had the phone reset 3 times and then had a new one sent to me (that cost me $50.) The new refurbished phone is doing the sme thing. Verizon will not replace the phone. I would not recomend this phone to anyone it was a horible choice for a new phone.

  52. SixSigma says:

    I’m experiencing this issue and it’s rather annoying. Songs randomly start playing at any time, and as much as I love Johnny Cash, I’d rather he not wake me up at 2:12 in the morning. The music app never seems to “quit,” even after a restart or Task Killer app is run. Things like this make jumping to the iPhone seem more and more reasonable.

  53. Dalley82 A says:

    prevail update killed my phone.tried to update to GB 2.3. phone went to reboot and shut down and now wont do anything.need some help 2 fix it .anyone have any advice. thanks

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