Windows Phone 7 Mobile: Nokia Considers Making Handsets

Now we know that Nokia needs to do something to snatch back some good old glory in the smartphone space, and the first move in doing that was to appoint a new CEO that was originally from Microsoft, so maybe that is the reason why this latest rumour has hit the net waves.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marin Perez and by way of Venture Beat, an anonymous source has stated that the new CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop, has been given the go ahead by the Nokia board to consider all options when it comes to smartphone strategy.

Thus a rumour has been doing the rounds that Nokia is considering taking up Windows Phone 7 for their future smartphones, naturally all speculation and no confirmation. Nokia has been Symbian faithful for a considerable amount of time and then there is MeeGo to consider.

However Nokia moving to Windows Phone 7 would be a step forward and allow Nokia to concentrate on hardware rather than software, but no doubt any WP7 device would carry Microsoft’s services and not Ovi services so maybe that would be a breaking point.


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  1. Ray (Nokia) says:

    Hi, Ray from Nokia here, just wanted to reaffirm that our platforms are Series 40, Symbian and MeeGo. That stance was reinforced strongly by our management during Nokia World, and we currently have no plans to use other operating systems.

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