Sony Ericsson Dumps Symbian

The favoured operating system of the largest mobile phone maker in the world, Nokia is Symbian, but Symbian is becoming somewhat of a dated operating system of the past with the likes of Android and the soon to be released Microsoft Windows Phone 7 platform.

It is rumoured that Nokia will change operating system dedication if there are to move forward in the smartphone space, and more smartphone makers are moving away from Symbian. According to an article over on Daily Mobile and by way of Business Week, the latest mobile vendor to drop Symbian is Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson spokesperson, Aldo Liguori has stated that…“We have no plans for the time being to develop any new products to the Symbian Foundation standard or operating system.”

Sony Ericsson instead has shifted their loyalty over to the Android platform with Chief Creation Officer Rikko Sakaguchi saying previously…“We have made a significant shift to support Android.”

So what do our readers think? Should Nokia abandon the Symbian operating system in favour of Android or Windows Phone 7 much like Sony Ericsson has, or should they stick with the tired Symbian OS?


One thought on “Sony Ericsson Dumps Symbian”

  1. Actually the OS is not all that dated. As a RTOS Symbian is far more suited for mobile devices then any of the competitors.

    The weak spot is the user interface. And here NOKIA made a huge mistake by continuing to push there own S60 (which was not touch screen enabled at the time) instead of using Sony Ericsson UIQ (which was touch screen enabled when the iPhone was just a myth).

    A typical case of not “invented here syndrome“ and now NOKIA will pay the price.

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