AT&T HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 Ad Videos: Your Comments

AT&T are kicking it up a gear or two by giving us two new HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 new video ad campaign videos.

The HTC Mondrian according to Engadget is a dead ringer for the HTC Mozart; the Mondrian Windows Phone 7 smartphone features a 1.3GHz Snapdragon processor, which means great speeds are within.

Hopefully this is what the final Mondrian will look like once released, we would love to know what you think of the Microsoft ads below, and of course “Do you think the HTC Mondrian will be a popular handset?”

According to WMPowerUser the ads were pulled but then the site made an update saying the ads are now back so enjoy, if you have any questions about the videos below or about the handset itself, please do post your comments I the area provided below. Thanks


One thought on “AT&T HTC Mondrian Windows Phone 7 Ad Videos: Your Comments”

  1. interested_party says:

    Have Microsoft fixed the 50 email limit in Hotmail-Windows Mobile? Why are there only the most recent 50 emails I can see in Hotmail, Windows Mobile HTC Touch HD?

    So many other bugs and stupid stuff, have they fixed all these?

    Will Microsoft be offering free Windows Mobile 7.0 upgrades to 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 etc?

    Is Microsoft going to update and fix all the bugs and annoyances or just do what they usually do with Windows Mobile and leave the product half finished?

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