Microsoft Event 11th October But Is it Windows Phone 7?

As you are probable aware, Microsoft is holding an event on the 11th of October in New York City and apparently the guys over on Pocket-lint have just received an invite to that very event, and have apparently been told that Microsoft will launch Windows Phone 7 on the 11th.

However according to a previous post which can be found (here), Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott, claims that sources have said that the Microsoft event on the 11th of October is not a Windows Phone event, so if true what is Microsoft going to be revealing at said event?

Word has it that Microsoft Windows Phone 7 will release in the UK as of the 21st of October, so maybe Microsoft will indeed launch Windows Phone 7 at the 11th October event, but it is surely becoming confusing with these conflicting reports.

That aside, is any of our readership excited about the launch of Windows Phone 7, are you a soon to be owner of a WP7 smartphone, or do you believe Microsoft have left it too late to be an influence in the smartphone world and WP7 will fail?

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