Will Verizon agree to Apple iPhone contract terms?

Virtually everyone wants to see the Verizon iPhone appear at some point in the not too distant future, and there have been several rumours that the much talked about CDMA iPhone will hopefully surface early next year.

The most recent of these rumours indicate that Pegatron will begin production of the CDMA iPhone sometime in November which would jive reasonably well with the speculations that the Big Red will indeed gain the iPhone sometime early 2011.

However, the CEO of Verizon Wireless has also stated, although not in too many words, that he doesn’t expect the iPhone to come to Verizon until their 4G LTE network is established, giving rise to speculation that a Verizon iPhone would be a 4G smartphone only.

But one of the big bugs in the iPhone coming to Verizon is of course Apple’s contract terms, and one of the big set back is that Verizon wants their V Cast to be used on the iPhone while Apple insists that their App Store is the one to use.

So taking all things into consideration do you think that Verizon will eventually capitulate and agree to any Apple iPhone terms so see the iPhone come to play nice on the Big Red?


3 thoughts on “Will Verizon agree to Apple iPhone contract terms?”

  1. iknowthingz says:

    I think alot of people in the media are lacking knowledge of how Verizon's network is built. When LTE is rolled out in November it will run on CDMA+LTE. Why? Because for the next several years, CDMA will still be used for voice and LTE for data until voice+data over LTE can be perfected. So when the first smart phones appear on Verizon's network in early 2011, they will be both CDMA+LTE and in some cases for those that are currently World Phones(CDMA+GSM) such as some Blackberrys, they will be CDMA+GSM+LTE. So there will not be any LTE-only phones for several more years, probably 10 years. Verizon has also stated in the last 3 months that they would concede not putting the Verizon logo on certain phones and that they would concede more control of certain phones. Obviously for Apple.

  2. Greg says:

    v cast is done. its outdated and just not efficient. customers want everything in one place and the android already has their market place for apps and the iphone has the app store and their music store. there is no way verizon can argue with apple over selling ringtones and songs on vcast when the itunes and app store a=has all that and more and is used far more than v cast. most people dont even buy their ringtones anyway. not only that but the iphone is too big of a product for verizon to turn down

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