Apple iPhone 4 China Unicom Release Stock Falls Drastically Short

Apple finally got round to releasing the Apple iPhone 4 in China over the weekend by way of China Unicom; however albeit word saying there were long queues outside China Unicom stores for the latest Apple smartphone, some were disappointed.

According to an article over on Elitetele, reports have it that China Unicom had pre-orders for the iPhone 4 in the region of 200,000 customers but unfortunately just 40,000 of those customers received their iPhone 4 on Saturday.

It seems that Apple had supplied China Unicom somewhat short with the iPhone 4 although apparently Apple has said more iPhone 4 units would be available soon.

Looks like roughly 160,000 potential Apple iPhone 4 customers who had expected their iPhone 4 have now been disappointed until China Unicom can restock from Apple although Apple hasn’t given an exact date and has apparently declined to comment as usual.

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